Ameri-Tuner is dedicated to the American car community,

showing cars, trucks and people that live and breath American auto. With stories covering anything from a 30′s hot-rod to the late model track warrior. That being said you will see other cars here, I love all automobiles from all eras and corners of the world. Also one of my favorite stories to write is that of the grassroots builder. If you have a build, be it sponsored or not and want to see it here, just contact us.


Anton Wyler – Executive editor


-I’ve been wrenching from the time I could walk, taking every toy apart and making it better. Then it was on to my bike and finally cars. I worked in a restoration shop for several years which gave me a true respect for the classics and the work that went into creating a piece of automotive art.



Jen Frisone – Writer, Photographer

-I’m Jen. I take photos as a hobby, I find it oddly relaxing. I was raised in the country and enjoy a simple, non hectic life. I’m perfectly happy sitting around a campfire and watching the sunset rather than going out some a club. Although I will admit to fist pumping a couple of times. Thanks for stopping by to check out my photos, Enjoy!


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